Ira Eduardovna, Jay Gold,
Dana Levy, Robert Lobe,
Lucia Papco
The World and its Things in the Middle of their Intimacy
November 15–December 27, 2013
Curated by Sarah Walko
Peter Werner
December 7, 2013
Cash, Class and Culture at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Organized by the New York Arts Exchange
December 7, 2013
“Ringing Rocks”
Mitch Nur, Alex Dreyshner, Dima Klim & Mit Kashiwad
Musician's Journal
November 22, 2013
Max ZT, Kyle Sanna & Mathias Kunzli
Habiba Boumlik
November 9, 2013
Arab Women: Arab Revolts
Organized by the New York Arts Exchange
Performa 13
November 2 - 7, 2013
Radek Szlaga with Konrad Smolenski
“Tribute to Errors and Leftovers”
Janie Cohen
October 16, 2013
Staring Back: Picasso's Demoiselles d'Avignon
Organized by the New York Arts Exchange
Rosalind Solomon - Artist talk
September 10, 2013
Visual Artist,image and word, a verbal publication
In conjunction with the exhibition "Rosalind Solomon: Selected Works"
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