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9 Evenings +50

A concert series celebrating the 50th anniversary of 

9 Evenings: Theatre & Engineering

September 16-24, 2016

Co-produced by Julie Martin and Fridman Gallery

Curated by Julie Martin, Regine Basha and Daniel Neumann

 A concert series by three generations of composers and performers,

dedicated to the 50th anniversary of E.A.T. and 9 Evenings

The original 9 Evenings stand for a particular attitude towards technology – to expand its use beyond products and functionality predetermined by corporate interests. By deconstructing and reassembling musical instruments, radio frequencies, TV monitors in unconventional ways, the artists and their collaborating engineers challenged the audience to experience and imagine new realities the technology could create.


In our days of rampant government surveillance, grotesquely deceptive political propaganda and ubiquitous reliance on prepackaged devices and applications to mediate our daily experience, the legacy of 

9 Evenings, that gave power to artists to manifest possibilities of new technology, could not be more relevant. The present series - of several generations of composers, musicians and choreographers working with technology - is an organic addition to our program which, in the three short years of the gallery’s existence, has already included several sound and performance art festivals and exhibitions in the spirit of 9 Evenings. 


With gratitude to the amazing group of participating artists, Julie Martin, who remains an unwavering beacon of the avantgarde, 

her co-curators Regine Basha and Daniel Neumann, and Naroa Lizar whose unmatched design and organizational skills have made this catalog and the rest of our program possible.


Iliya Fridman, Director, Fridman Gallery

Interview with Alvin Lucier
Interview with Carlos Lange
Interview with Gordon Mumma
Interview with Zeena Parkins
Interview with Tristan Perich
Calver Audain  Interview
Interview with Stephen Vitiello
Maria Chavez & Pauline Oliveros
David Behrman Interview
Interview with Daniel Neumann
Interview with Nicolas Collins
Interview with Lesley Flanigan
Interview with Simone Forti
Phil Edelstein - 9 Evenings +50
John Driscoll - 9 Evenings +50
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