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Born in North Carolina (1996). Lives and works in Miami, Florida.


Ambrose Rhapsody Murrary is an emerging artist from Western North Carolina with roots in Florida. They are a self-taught painter and seamstress who received their BA in African-American Studies from Yale College in 2018, concentrating in arts and culture. Their experience in liberation movement and social justice spaces across the South continues to inform their praxis as a Black, queer, southern artist who strives to create work that heals, transforms and makes tangible impact.


Their process is an exploration of our bodies and land as sites of historical memory and mystical/imaginative potential. The act of making through sewing, painting and assemblage becomes a process to imagine and visualize the complex layers and depth of story that live within our bodies, as well as to contemplate and imagine the thin veil that exists between the spirit world and the physical world.



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