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Fridman Gallery 5th Anniversary Festival

September 17-25, 2018

8pm doors

Co-curated with Daniel Neumann

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Sergei Starostin and The Virtual Village Ensemble

Monday, August 20, 2018

A rare U.S. appearance by legendary Russian folk singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist, Sergei Starostin, with The Virtual Village Ensemble. Authentic medieval folk music performed by true masters of the genre.

Abigail Levine "Restagings No. 2: Of Serra (to movement)"

Monday, June 11, 4-8pm

Tuesday, June 12, 4-8pm

Wednesday, June 13, 4-8pm

Thursday, June 14, 4-8pm


In Restagings No. 2: Of Serra (to movement), Abigail Levine interprets Richard Serra’s late 60s Prop sculptures as choreographic score, replacing his iconic steel forms with human bodies. Over the course of four days, three dancers perform Serra’s Props as a series of looping solos and duets with live sound design by Paula Matthusen.


Of Serra is the second work in Levine’s ongoing Restagings series, which reads modern and postmodern visual artworks as scores for performance. The first work in the series, Choreographing LeWitt, was performed at Fridman Gallery in July 2017.

Sound American: The Music of David Dunn

April 14, 2018

Release Event, featuring performance by Null Point

Sound American was delighted to announce of the release of its latest issue, focused the music of David Dunn, a composer long unsung for his key contributions to site-based sound, interactive music, field recording, music and language, sonic engagement with plants and animals, and more.

Peter Evans/Levy Lorenzo & Yvette Janine Jackson

April 7, 2018

Release Event, featuring performance by Null Point

Peter Evans/Levy Lorenzo & Yvette Janine Jackson will join for an evening of performances, celebrating the gallery's current exhibition of Matana Roberts; jump at the sun

February 2-8, 2018

Ongoing installation: SVITER art-group: Ivan Svitlychniy and Lesia Khomenko

Fri Feb 2       Nadja Verena Marcin

                      Jakob Kudsk Steensen               

Sat Feb 3      Stephen Vitiello

                      Taylor Deupree

                      Gust Burns

                      The Rhythm Method

Sun Feb 4     Phill Niblock

                      Katherine Liberovskaya

                      Tim Shaw

Mon Feb 5    Poetic X / Jason Lucas

                      Yvette Janine Jackson

Tue Feb 6     Calling in or Calling out

                      for Racial Justice

Wed Feb 7    Kara Rooney & collaborators

                      Brian Chase

                      Ursula Scherrer

Thu Feb 8     Lesley Flanigan

                      Jacob Kirkegaard

                      Katinka Fogh Vindelev

Friday, December 1, 6-8pm

Caleb Kelly, a leading voice in the field of sonic arts, will speak about the role of sound in the contemporary art gallery, followed by a conversation with Jennie Gottschalk and Daniel Neumann.

"Visions of the Now" + "9 Evenings: Theatre and Engineering" Film Marathon

Saturday, October 28, 6-8pm

Performance plus international release of "Visions of the Now" a multi-volume archive box, published by Sternberg Press, documenting the eponymous art and technology festival that took place in May 24-26, 2013 in Stockholm, Sweden. Performance starts at 6 pm, followed by a conversation and book signing with artist and producer Anna Lundh. 


Sunday, October 29, 2-11pm

9 Evenings film marathon presented by Julie Martin director of E.A.T. (Experiments in Art and Technology). 

Friday, October 27, 8pm

Solo performances by Rose Kallal,  Kamron Saniee and Angus Tarnawsky

Premiere and artist talk with Joanne McNeil and Nicole Antebi

Co-presented with Eyebeam and the Carl & Marylin Thoma Art Foundation 


October 19, 7-8.30 pm 

Sunday, July 23, 12-6pm

Monday, July 24, 12-6pm

Tuesday, July 25, 12-6pm

Wednesday, July 26, 12-6pm

Thursday, July 27, 12-6pm

Abigail Levine interprets Sol LeWitt's Wall Drawing #56 (1970) as a choreographic score, taking 25 hours over the course of 5 days to complete the 3,744 lines. Sound design: Dave Ruder. Choreographing LeWitt is the first in the multi-work series Re-stagings, which reads modern and postmodern visual artworks as scores for performance.

Victoria Keddie "Cannibal Mécanique"

Saturday, July 22, 8pm

Celebrating the record release on the In Context Music label. 

Robert Deeds' "Broken Piano" + Muyassar Kurdi

​Thursday, May 25

Electro-acoustic performances curated by Maria Chavez

Tamar Ettun and The Moving Company

Wednesday, May 24, 6-7pm

The Bosque Fountain at The Battery

Mauve Bird with Yellow Teeth Red Feathers Green Feet and a Rose Belly   Part: PINK

Presented by The Battery Conservancy

Moderated by Hrag Vartanian


Tuesday, February 28

INSCRIBED Oh Locus Locus

Friday, February 10

Artist in conversation with Helga Christoffersen (Assistant Curator, the New Museum), with performances by Vangeline (Butoh dance, Founder of Vangeline Theater / New York Butoh Institute) and Connor Holloway (Corps de Ballet dancer, American Ballet Theatre).

January 8-16, 2017

Jan 8 - Tribute to Pauline Oliveros and launch of 9 Evenings + 50 video archive

Jan 9 - Amir ElSaffar, Ole Mathison, Tomas Fujiwara

Jan 10 - Kassa Overall

Jan 11 - Ohal Grietzer, Victoria Keddie

Jan 12 - Miya Masaoka, Byron Westbrook, Ursula Scherrer

Jan 13 - Tomeka Reid, Jamie Branch, Selina Trepp

Jan 14 - Diego Espinosa

Jan 15 - Levy Lorenzo, Lea Bertucci

Jan 16 - Yulan Grant 

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