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Experimental Intermedia Presents:
Lois V Vierk | Holly Fisher | David First | Suzana Ucsal

Monday, December 18


Films by Holly Fisher, featuring complete music compositions by Lois V Vierk, will be showcased, accompanied by performances from David First and Suzana Ucsal.


Goldfish Variations (2014) by Holly Fisher, like its companion piece Thinktank, is made from one minute of footage filmed with an iPhone 5 in a Chinese restaurant in Berlin, reworked with 18 layers of shifting video. The rhythmic play within the visuals is inspired by Fisher’s long-time interest in Taoist principles of yin/yang, but so also is the wisdom and humor fused in a poem by Sung painter Zhoe Dongqing, written 1291: “Not being a fish, how do we know their happiness?”  The music is Lois V Vierk's River Beneath the River for string quartet (1993). Currents of sounds made up of string phrases and textures flow through this piece. The currents alternately co-exist, separate, and coalesce, in their gradual transformation from a gentle beginning to a dynamic conclusion. The term "river beneath the river" comes from the Spanish expression "rio abajo rio", which refers to the innermost soul, the deepest expression of a human.


Ruffled Feathers (2016)  by Holly Fisher is a playful, intricate, and multi-layered dance piece focussed especially on the 3-toed flat feet of seagulls walking about on the pink rocks of the Côte d’Amour, France. Structurally this work loops back to the cyclic optical printing experiments including multiple projections Fisher did in the early 80s. The music, Lois V Vierk's Io (1999), was named for Jupiter's innermost moon, the only place outside of earth known to have active volcanoes -- a place of high energy. The piece features virtuoso performances on amplified flute, amplified marimba and electric guitar.


Bedeviled (aka Simoom) (2019) by Holly Fisher. Dragon bones and snakes embracing; skeletons in underwear, flying shoes and bug-eyed aliens are locked together in a shifting collage of human spooks and spectators. Filmed originally in S8 film, footage of the passing downtown annual New York Halloween Parade is transformed in time and by video editing, to  a subjective extra-terrestrial dreamscape. The music is Vierk's Simoom for 8 cellos (1986). The word "simoom" refers to a hot, dry, violent wind that blows in the Sahara and other deserts, especially in the Arabian Peninsula. Simple musical materials begin the piece. Constant development over 20 minutes leads to a climactic conclusion.

David First

An evening of drone works for mpe keyboard, harmonica, slide whistle, electric jews harp, and just intonation video,


Suzana Ucsal     

An experimental composer, improviser, sound artist and songwriter: she will present her newest work, inspired by gastrointestinal processes, expressed as rumbling, churning, gassy, splashing, grumbling, gargling, tinkling, fluttering: the piece will be based exclusively on synthesis derived material."

About Experimental Intermedia

Experimental Intermedia Foundation NYC is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization directed since 1985 by Phill Niblock. It was founded in 1968 by Elaine Summers to provide organizational support for artists working in intermedia forms. It has been presenting experimental music concerts and other intermedia work at its SOHO location since 1973, featuring both American and international composers and artists. Experimental Intermedia remains one of the principal venues for the presentation of untried work in New York City. The Foundation also manages its own recording label, XI Records, that continues to garner extremely positive press and radio coverage, both nationally and internationally. To date, the label has released 32 recordings. Of these 32 releases, 25 are by American composers. EI produces 20 to 30 events each season and develops and implements international projects in collaboration with like-minded organizations both local and international for the creation & presentation of innovative, technically sophisticated music & intermedia artwork. Learn more at

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