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Memories of the Future

August 3-23, 2016

Artists create content for the first-generation of volumetric displays by Looking Glass.


Eight artists reimagine a future in which digital memories live not on a two-dimensional canvas but rather within a three-dimensional volume. Memories of the Future invites you to explore the shift in how we remember events, imagined and real, as the medium preserving those memories evolves.


Participating artists:

Jeff Chang, Media Artist.
Jeff Chang is an animator who combines visual narratives with new emerging technologies to create compelling, immersive experiences. He creates stories that examine current and ongoing social issues that not only engages, but inform the audience of the world we live in.

Chelley Sherman, Media Artist. 
Chelley's work focuses on the creation of multi-sensory experiences through digital art and technology. She attributes the immersive qualities of her works through influences stemming from sound, human cognition, and her undying fascination of the art of astrophysics.

Traceloops (Matthias Brown), Animator  
TraceLoops is a animation experiment centered around hand-drawn, physical animations and experiments with the creation and perception of motion. 

Mr. Gif
Mr. GIF is an artist collective/creative agency headquartered out of Hell’s Kitchen, NYC. 

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