NADA Foreland

Mollie McKinley

August 28 – 29, 2021

11am – 8pm 


111 Water Street

Catskill, NY 12414

Fridman Gallery is pleased to announce a solo presentation at NADA Foreland of sculpture and mixed media work by Mollie McKinley. McKinley’s new work is about time, light, and veils. For McKinley, The veil is a metaphysical concept, but it is also very concrete and real. Veils are both passageways and permeable membranes. They allow for moments of collaborative collision: such as in our bodies, when we introduce medicine into our bloodstream (thus the "smear" or liquid flush imagery in the sheet glass). Historically, the 'veil' is ascribed to the temporal space between life and death, a gateway to other dimensions. The sculptures in McKinley’s Salt Cradle series possess a similar collaborative alchemy in which two entities or materials dissolve into a third, unknown space.

Mollie McKinley is an interdisciplinary artist based in the Hudson Valley. She approaches the body through what is perceived as natural and unnatural in dialogue with landscape, feminist thought, care, and metaphysics. Her pursuit of the mysteries of existence and geologic time are forged through a reconciliation with death and embodied transformation. This process unfolds through site specific, ritual performances in the landscape, recorded as photographs, as well as through materials such as salt and glass. Her practice encompasses diverse media, but is rooted in sculpture, performance, and photography.

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