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Italian-Bosnian Artist Adelisa Selimbašić Selected as 2023 Resident 

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Adelisa Selimbašić

Fridman Gallery is pleased to announce the 2023 Artist Residency program at the gallery’s location in Beacon, NY.

Reflecting Fridman Gallery’s commitment to representing interdisciplinary artists from around the world and fostering research-based experimental art practices, the residency will provide an opportunity for international artists to spend several months living and working in New York’s Hudson Valley region. 


Adelisa Selimbasic graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, having emigrated to Italy from Bosnia. Her works depict an unconventional perception of the body, with distinctly feminine but not objectified sensuality. Selimbasic wants the viewer to accept their own body as alive, authentic and perfectly normal, with all the cellulite, stretch marks, wide hips and scars. Bodies communicate our histories, and the way we picture them is a function of the construction of cultural representation of the feminine. Society is deeply disturbed by the body.

Solo exhibitions: It was desire that finally takes shape in a body - Sara Lo Russo, Spazio Adiacenze, curated by Laura Rositani, Bologna (2022); We will never meet so young, IPERCUBO gallery, curated by Luca Zuccala, STATE OF, Milan (2021); Group exhibitions: Fragments from afar, Mazzoli gallery, curated by

Giuliana Benassi, Modena (2023), A secret for a few - Knowing how to recognize yourself
within a portrait, ArchiViVitali, curated by Alessia Romano, Bellano (2022); Break-in. Temporal displacement, The Address gallery, curated by Arnold Braho, Brescia (2022); Entracte, Renata Fabbri gallery, curated by Chiara Guidi, Milan (2021); Among the art residencies she participated in ViaFarini (MIlano, IT), Center pour l'art contemperain (Essaouira, MA). 

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