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Ira Eduardovna, Jay Gold, Dana Levy, 

Robert Lobe, Lucia Papco

The World and its Things in the Middle of their Intimacy

Curated by Sarah Walko

November 15 - December 27, 2013

The idea of parallel universes, or dimensions that resemble our own, has been a staple in works of science fiction and metaphysics. Writer Kurt Vonnegut’s repeating character Kilgore Trout called mirrors “leaks,” as he believed they were a connection to another universe. 


This group exhibition of video, photography and sculpture, featuring works by Ira Eduardovna, Jay Gould, Dana Levy, Robert Lobe and Lucia Papco, aims to blur boundaries of concrete worlds, piecing together multiple realities and offering nature and memory as portals into otherness.  Similar to that strange state, in which we find ourselves when waking, the artists explore the perspective of being between places.


By inhabiting the space between multiple simultaneous worlds, the works in this exhibition offer a unique vantage point illuminating how our reality is profoundly integrated with many other complex and mystical realms; the collusion of the past, present and future; and our relationship with the animate and inanimate.

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Hyperallergic (Dec 23, 2013)

Catalog, with essays by Sarah Walko

 Dana Levy: Aftermath, 2009

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