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Phill Niblock

Working Photos

Events and performances at Fridman Gallery

Tuesday, November 26, 8pm
Films from Niblock’s Environments series: 100 Mile Radius and Ten Hundred Inch Radii
Music by Niblock performed by David Watson, Robert Poss, David First, James Moore


Friday, December 6, 8pm
An evening of Niblock’s films and Music by Others
Featuring Katherine Liberovskaya, Max Neuhaus, Sun Ra Arkestra, Arthur Russell, Rhodri Davies, William Hooker, and Tim Shaw. 


Saturday, January 4, 8pm


Sunday, January 5, 8pm


Phill Niblock, The Magic Sun (1966). Screening Friday, December 6.

Events and performances at Experimental Intermedia

224 Centre Street, NY NY 10013

Monday, December 9, 9pm

Walter Branchi and Kristin Jones (Italy, New York)   


Tuesday, December 10, 9pm

David First (New York)   


Wednesday, December 11, 9pm

Ritwik Banerji (USA)  

Thursday, December 12, 9pm

Aki Onda (New York, Japan)  


Friday, December 13, 9pm

Paul Devens (The Netherlands)


Sunday, December 15, 9pm

Gudinni Cortina and Mario De Vega (Mexico)


Monday, December 16, 9pm

João Castro Pinto and Sofia A. Carvalho (Portugal)


Wednesday, December 18, 9pm

Andrea Parkins (New York, Berlin)


Thursday, December 19, 9pm

Annabelle Playe (France)

Other events

November 30, 9pm until midnight

rainy days festival: Philharmonie Luxembourg


Phill Niblock, «Night shift»


December 21, 6pm–midnight

Roulette, Atlantic Ave and 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn NY, 11217

Phill Niblock: 6 Hours of Music and Film

$18 pre-order, $25 at the door

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