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Athena LaTocha _ October.jpg edit.jpg

October, 2021, Shellac ink on paper, lead and steel, 44.5 x 70.75 x 6.5" (overall), 44 x 68" (sheet size), 43 x 70.75 x 6.5" (lead)

Athena LaTocha's massive works on paper explore the relationship between human-made and natural worlds, in the wake of Earthworks artists from the 1960s and 1970s. The artist incorporates materials such as ink, lead, earth and wood, while looking at correlations between mark-marking and displacement of materials made by industrial equipment and natural events. Her works are informed by her upbringing in the wilderness of Alaska. LaTocha’s process is about being immersed in these environments, while responding to the storied and, at times, traumatic histories that are rooted in place.

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