Leah Beeferman, Stephen Vitiello

Sense Objects

Curated by Regine Basha

November 7 - December 20, 2014


Sense Objects features the visual work of Leah Beeferman and Stephen Vitiello, two artists who work intensively with sound and who had first met one another in the academic environment (Vitiello was Beeferman’s professor at Virginia Commonwealth University in 2009). This parallel pairing brings together their ongoing shared interest in producing art from a sonic perspective. A vinyl record included in this exhibition (produced with Textual Records) captures sound compositions each of the artists is occupied with at the moment.


Sound art need not be exclusive to art with sound; as a cognitive faculty hearing, or active listening in particular, may also be the guiding principle through which art in other media is conceived. From this vantage point, we may consider a new orientation to space and place, hidden qualities of the natural and industrial, as well as notions of the expanded space of our body.


The exhibition will feature Stephen Vitiello's polaroid works, taken on-site while making field recordings, and Leah Beeferman's digital drawings, which ​combine abstracted photographic material ​and drawing. Both series are directly influenced by listening to, and working with, natural soundscapes. ​The exhibition also includes a new sonic composition by each artist, made independently of the visual work.

program of events

Live performance by Stephen Vitiello


Exhibition catalogue designed by Everything Studio

Record produced by Textual Records