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Young Artists: One

Presented with OpenArt

July 7 – September 9, 2020

Closing Reception

Wednesday, September 9, 2020, 6–9 pm

Live performances by Four (electronics) and Renaissance (vocals) at the top of every hour. Please RSVP to attend. 

Please contact us to inquire about a work and/or make an appointment to see the exhibition in person.

+1 (646) 345-9831

Young Artists: One highlights the voices of a diverse group of modern and contemporary artists with a focus on their practices, aesthetics, and conceptual questions.

Navigate to works in the show by clicking on an artist's name below. Move the cursor over a caption to read more about the artist, and click on the image to zoom in.   

Lucia Hierro

Born in New York City, Lucia Hierro explores the body as a collection of fragmented signifiers that includes language, taste, and culture across a broad platform of techniques such as digital media, collage, and felt constructions.

Lucia Hierro 

BYOB: Retrato de la Artista Primavera 2020


Raw canvas, foam, digital print on brushed suede

43" h x 33" w x 3" d

Nate Lewis
Nate Lewis_Probing the Land II_2019.jpg
Nate Lewis_probingtheland2.1_2019.jpg

Nate Lewis explores history through patterns, textures, and rhythm. Formally trained as a critical-care nurse, Lewis creates a visual language reminiscent of medical diagnostics.  His works explore the granularity of the photographic image while addressing the current political landscape. 

Nate Lewis

Probing the Land 2 and 2.1


Hand-sculpted inkjet print

26" h x 60" w

Jerome Lagarrigue
Jerome Lagarrigue_Besieged_2017.jpg

Born to a French father and American mother, Jerome Lagarrigue moved to the United States in 1992 and graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1996. He has received several awards, including the Coretta Scott King/John Steptoe Award and the Ezra Jack Keats Award (2002). 

Jerome Lagarrigue



Oil on linen

72" h x 96" w

More works by Jerome Lagarrigue

Jerome Lagarrigue_Portrait of a Young Ma
Owusu Ankomah_Movement No. 23.jpg

Owusu-Ankomah (born 1956, Sekondi-Takoradi) is a contemporary Ghanaian Artist. His work addresses themes of identity and the body using his trademark motif of Adinkra symbolism.

Owusu Ankomah

Movement No. 23


Acrylic on canvas

39.5" h x 35.5" w

Owusu Ankomah

"Despite the commonly held myth of meritocracy in art, a deeply entrenched system of power and privilege exists, which values the creativity of some, while minimizing that of others."

Amani Lewis

Based in Baltimore, Amani Lewis works toward shifting the dominant narrative of the people in their city. Lewis begins each work with a photograph of a person, distorting and saturating the image to model an aesthetic akin to a topographical map or heat map.

Amani Lewis



Acrylic, pastel, glitter and digital collage on canvas

56" h x 58" w

Original photo by Michael Evan Reilly.

Listen to Amani Lewis speak about their work in the exhibition


Amani Lewis_Dev_2020.jpg
Ana Benaroya
Ana Benaroya_The Show Must Go

Born in New York City, Ana Benaroya graduated from the Yale School of Art with an MFA in Painting in 2019. Benaroya’s work employs vivid colors and satirical imagery to examine gender dynamics and representation. 

Ana Benaroya

The Show Must Go On


Spray paint, acrylic and oil paint on canvas

40" h x 48" w 

Blitz Bazawule
Blitz Bazawule_A Moment in Time_ Diner_2

Blitz Bazawule is an artist, filmmaker, and musician born in Ghana and based in New York.

Blitz Bazawule



Acrylic on canvas

30" h x 40" w 

Blitz Bazawule_A Moment in Time_Cafe_202
Blitz Bazawule_A Moment in Time_Laundrom

More works by Blitz Bazawule

Amaryllis de Jesus Moleski

Amaryllis DeJesus Moleski is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice tends to the in-between, and those that know the trouble and pleasure there. She spent her most formative years in a constantly shifting landscape, thereby tethering her work to interests in multiplicity, belief systems, and bewilderment.

Amaryllis de Jesus Moleski



Watercolor, color pencil, graphite, gouache and airbrush on paper

30" h x 22.5" w

Amaryllis de Jesus Moleski_Glisteninglis
Gustavo Montoya
Gustavo Montoya_Nina a la Matraca_1955.j

Gustavo Montoya was a Mexican artist considered to be a late adherent to the Mexican School of Painting, most often associated with Mexican muralism. His best-selling work was that of children in regional traditional Mexican clothing. 

Gustavo Montoya

Niña a la matraca


Oil on canvas

22" h x 17.5" w

Listen to curator James Bartlett speak about this work 


Gustavo Montoya_Nino y nina de blanco_nd

More works by Gustavo Montoya

Sanie Bokhari

Born in Lahore, Pakistan, Sanié Bokhari graduated with an MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2018. Bokhari’s paintings interrogate gendered assumptions and create a platform for cultural dialogue.

Sanié Bokhari

6 Bunkers


Acrylic on canvas

48" h x 36" w

Listen to Sanié Bokhari speak about her work in the exhibition


More works by Sanié Bokhari

Sanie Bokhari_alt-east_2020.jpg
Sanie Bokhari_clairvoyant_2019.jpg
Sanie Bokhari_Nominal Nabob_2019.jpg
Sanie Bokhari_Prelude_2020.jpg
Sanie Bokhari_6 Bunkers_2020.jpg
Debra Cartwright_Lillie_s Old Room_2019.

Debra Cartwright paints the interior lives of black women from a voyeuristic perspective. Her work examines the threshold between personal and political circumstances and considers the possibilities of using rest as a means of rebellion against capitalistic racism, challenging traditional representations of black womanhood. 

Debra Cartwright

Lillie's Old Room


Oil on canvas

60" h x 48" w

Listen to Debra Cartwright speak about her work in the exhibition


Debra Cartwright_Lindsay_s Been in Bed-S

More works by Debra Cartwright

Debra Cartwright

"Young Artists: One is the first of a series of exhibitions to explore power and voice within the art world. This power is largely determined through systems of access and privilege that determine which artistic voices are heard and which are dismissed."

Sahana Ramakrishnan

Sahana Ramakrishnan creates images that are complicated, dissonant, and abject in ways that open the heart and mind. She addresses issues related to the violent and shifting processes by which we form our cultural, gender, sexual, and human identities, taking inspiration from myths that prioritize spiritual and emotional experience over historical fact or rational thought.

Sahana Ramakrishnan

The Butterfly Woman


Acrylic, sumi ink, gold leaf, rhinestones, color pencil, and oil pastel on paper

76" h x 45" w

Listen to Sahana Ramakrishnan speak about her work in the exhibition


Sahana Ramakrishnan_Bearskin_2020.jpg

More works by Sahana Ramakrishnan

Sahana Ramakrishnan_The-Butterfly-Woman_
Jamea Richmond Edwards_Water Ritual with

Jamea Richmond-Edwards graduated from Howard University with an MFA in 2012. Her multi-media collages examine the nature of luxury and myth in relation to the portrayal of black women in popular media. 

Jamea Richmond-Edwards

Water Ritual with Golden Serpent


Ink, acrylic, graphite, markers, glitter, fabric and mixed media collage on canvas

72" h x 72" w

Jamea Richmon-Edwards
Jacob Lawrence

One of the major figures to emerge from the Harlem Renaissance, Jacob Lawrence drew inspiration from the African American experience, as well as historical and contemporary themes such as war, religion, and civil rights.

Jacob Lawrence

Brotherhood for Peace


Lithograph in colors

Edition 247/300

20.5" h x 16.5" w

Listen to curator James Bartlett speak about this work 


Jacob Lawrence_Brotherhood for Peace 196
Nanette Carter
Nanette Carter_Cantilevered#53_2020.jpg

Working with intangible ideas such as the advancement of technology, the pervasive use of social media, and social injustice, Nanette Carter employs an abstract vocabulary of form, line, color, and texture to chronicle the issues of our time.

Nanette Carter

Cantilevered #53


Oils on Mylar

32.5" h x 64.5" w 

Listen to Nanette Carter speak about her work in the exhibition


Nanette Carter_The Weight#20_2018.jpg
Nanette Carter_Cantilevered#47_2019.jpg

More works by Nanette Carter

Francks Deceus
Francks Deceus_Mumbo Mumbo #2_2020.jpg

Born in Cap-Haitien, Haiti and currently based in Brooklyn, Francks Deceus examines the immigrant’s constant struggle with identity and acceptance. He is particularly interested in the time period following major social events, crises, and upheaval, when humanity comes together regardless of ethnicity, gender, or class. 

Francks Deceus

Mumbo Mumbo #2


Acrylic and silkscreen on canvas

60" h x 48" w

Listen to Francks Deceus speak about his work in the exhibition 


More works by Francks Deceus

Francks Deceus_Mumbo #8_2020.jpg
Francks Deceus_Mumbo Mumbo #3_2020.jpg

"Young Artists: One, highlights these global voices, with a focus on the practices, aesthetics, and conceptual questions of each individual artist."

Remy Jungerman

Born and raised in Suriname, Remy Jungerman explores the intersection of pattern and symbol in Surinamese Maroon culture, the larger African Diaspora, and 20th Century Modernism. In bringing seemingly disparate visual languages into conversation, Jungerman’s work challenges the established art historical canon.

Remy Jungerman

Promise V


Cotton textile, kaolin (pimba), yarn, nails, wood (yellow poplar, plywood)

92.5" h x 32" w x 32" d

Remy Jungerman_Pimba AGIDA III.jpg
Remy Jungerman_Pimba AGIDA II.jpg

More works by Remy Jungerman

Remy Jungerman_Promise V_2019.jpg
Alteronce Gumby_Zahara_2019.jpg

Gumby graduated from of the Yale School of Art with an MFA in Painting and Printmaking in 2016. He has won notable awards such as the Austrian American Foundation/ Seebacher Prize for Fine Arts and the Robert Reed Memorial Scholarship.

Alteronce Gumby



Acrylic and glass on panel

24" h x 24" w


Al Loving was an abstract expressionist painter. His work is known for hard-edge abstraction, fabric constructions, and large paper collages, all exploring complicated color relationships.

Al Loving



Acrylic on rag paper

14.25"h  x 14.25" w

Al Loving_title tbc.jpg
Jonahan Podwil
Jonathan Podwil_011917 (Protest VI)_2020

Born in Philadelphia and based in Brooklyn, Jonathan Podwil is an American painter whose work blurs the line between the staged and the mundane, the violent and the everyday.

Jonathan Podwil

011917 (Protest VI)


Oil on Canvas

18" h x 24" w 

Listen to Jonathan Podwil speak about his work in the exhibition


More works by Jonathan Podwil

Jonathan Podwil_CK _IV_18x48_2019 (1).jp
Purvis Young_Untitled #15_1992.jpg

Purvis Young was from the Overtown neighborhood of Miami, Florida. Young's work is often a blend of collage, painting, and found objects.

Purvis Young

Untitled #15


Gouache and ink on

found ledger paper

14"h x 11"w

More works by Purvis Young

Purvis Young_Untitled_.jpg
Purvis Young_.Rejoice I_1990sjpg.jpg
Ambros Murray

Ambrose assembles large-scale collages by re-mixing paintings of faces, bodies, plants and animals with layers of found fabric and other materials. Drawing inspiration from dreams, Murray’s collages visualize the disjointed quality of memory as an imaginative form. 


the space between


Acrylic, paper and various textiles

96" h x 60" w

More works by Ambrose 

Ambrose Murray_Violeta_2020.JPEG
Ambrose Murray_the violet
Ambrose Murray_the space between us_2020
Amy Bravo
Amy Bravo_Vamos! A la Granja_2019.JPG

Amy Bravo is a Cuban/Italian American painter based in Brooklyn. Her large-scale works employ multiple layers of paint, graphite and other materials, creating fantastical scenes that examine the construction of cultural identity and empowerment.

Amy Bravo

Vamos a la Granja!


Acrylic, graphite and mixed media on unstretched canvas

94" h x 105" w 

More works by Amy Bravo

Amy Bravo_In Yr Bones_2018.jpg
Amy Bravo_Bohio After Midnight_2020.JPG
Kelly Sinnapah Mary
Kelly Sinnapah Mary_title tbc.jpg

Kelly Sinnapah Mary is interested in the processes of domination that affected thousands of men and women in the formation of Caribbean minority communities during the Indian Labour diaspora. Her work explores ideas of silence, seclusion, and identity reconstruction, primarily through the visual metaphor of hair braiding. 

Kelly Sinnapah Mary



Ink on paper

24"h x 18"w

Nyugen Smith

Responding to the legacy of European colonial rule in the African diaspora, Smith’s work considers imperialist practices of oppression, violence, and intergenerational trauma. He is interested in ritual and sacred practice rooted in African spiritual systems and how they are employed as coping mechanisms and tools for collective empowerment.

Nyugen Smith

Le Fleur Noir


Oil stick, oil pastel, metallic marker, graphite, gesso watercolor, acrylic and ink on paper

30" h x 22" w

Nyugen Smith_LeFleur_2011.jpg
Lorna Simpson

More works by Lorna Simpson

Lorna Simpson_Untitled_1995.jpg

Lorna Simpson is an American artist best known for her black-and-white photographs and works on paper—both of which explore the interplay between historical memory, culture, and identity. 

Lorna Simpson



Electrostatic heat transfer on felt

Edition 247/300

12" h x 15" w 

More works by Lorna Simpson

Lorna Simpson_III (Wishbone)_designed 19
Oswaldo Vigas
Oswaldo Vigas_Untitled.jpg

Oswaldo Vigas was a Venezuelan artist, best known as a painter and muralist. His work was created between France and Venezuela, an original synthesis of the cultural roots of Latin American and the latest artistic currents of modernity.

Oswaldo Vigas



Oil on paper laid down to cardboard

26"h x 19"w

Suzanne Jackson

Suzanne Jackson is an American visual artist, gallery owner, poet, dancer, and set designer with a career spanning five decades. Her acrylic washes from the 1960s employ figurative idioms that influenced the development of an expressionist language often found in her later work.

Suzanne Jackson

Untitled (5)

c. early 1960s

Ink, crayon, graphite on paper

23.5" h x 15.5" w

More works by Suzanne Jackson

Suzanne Jackson_Untitled (1)_ late 1960s
Suzanne Jackson_Untitled (4)_1960s_2_22x
Suzanne Jackson_Untitled (5)_early 1960s

"In the context of this series, the word ‘young’ does not refer to an artist’s age, but rather to the new ways in which artists are claiming their voice and proclaiming their existence in the art world."

Paul Gardere_SpeakDestiny_2008.jpg

Born in Haiti and later based in both Port-au-Prince and New York, Paul Gardère addressed the tensions inherent to “belonging” in paradoxical social spheres and “opposing” cultural groups, often juxtaposing Euro-American and Afro-Haitian imagery, refined and rustic materials, and representational and expressionistic painting styles.

Paul Gardère

Speak Destiny


Acrylic, cement, glitter, and mixed media on wood

50" h x 64" w x 3" d

More works by Paul Gardère

Paul Gardere_SinisterTrio_2000 (1).jpg
Paul Gardere_LostInParis_1998.jpg
Paul Gardere
Tessa Mars
Tessa Mars_Reve de Liberte.jpg

Tessa Mars is a Haitian visual artist living and working in Port-au-Prince. Her recent work explores the fabrication of identity through the lens of language and gender, examining how Haitian history, customs and rituals inform the expression of collective and individual identity. 

Tessa Mars

Rêve de liberté


Acrylic on canvas

50"h x 40"w

Amani Lewis graduated with a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2016.


Ambrose received her BA in African-American studies from Yale College in 2018.

Amani x Ambrose


(Mark 4: 30-32)


Acrylic, pastel, glitter, textile and digital collage on canvas

52" h x 52" w 

Original photo by @thugm0m Amira.

Amani x Ambrose_City Planner.jpg
Amani x Ambrose
Stan Squirewell_Shekinah_2020.jpg

Stan Squirewell examines the relativity of global indigenous geometric patterns, specifically West African Kente schema, as a possible progenitor of modern digital cultures. The vividly bold colors, precise hard lines, sequential rhythms and movements attest to the high intellectual capacity of those whom were called “Primitive.”

Stan Squirewell



Mixed media collage with carved Shou Sugi Ban frame

49"h x 36.5"w

More works by Stan Squirewell

Stan Squirewell_American Negro_2020 (1).
Stan Squirewell_Courtney_2020.jpg
Stan Squirewell

Kerry James Marshall was born in 1955 in Birmingham, Alabama, and was educated at the Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles, from which he received a BFA, and an honorary doctorate (1999).

Kerry James Marshall

Keeping the Culture


Color linoleum cut and screenprint on Arches

Edition 82/100

17.5" h x 28" w 

Kerry James Marshall_Keeping the Culture
Kerry James Marshall
Pamela Phatsimo Sunstrum_title tbc.jpg

Driven by a fascination with ancient mythologies and scientific theories, Sunstrum muses on the origins of time, geological concepts, and ideas about the universe. Her works on paper, large-scale installations, and stop-motion films are rooted in autobiography, addressing the development of transnational identities, human connections, and cross-border rituals. 

Pamela Phatsimo Sunstrum

Parallel 01


Mixed media on paper

28"h x 19"w

Pamela Phatsimo Sunstrum

"OpenArt’s aim in organizing the exhibition along with Fridman Gallery, is to provide multiple entry points into the understanding, engagement, and appreciation of contemporary art."

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